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The ProAdjuster 360 is the most recent development in chiropractic health care. Utilizing the latest computerized treatment technology, the ProAdjuster360 accurately analyzes and interprets joint motion, then delivers comfortable, precision adjustments based upon each patient’s data. Following the treatment, improved joint motion changes are confirmed with post-treatment analysis. The use of before and after data during each encounter affords both doctor and patient complete confidence in the treatment and the management of the patient’s individual care plan.

Additionally, the latest version of the ProAdjuster 360 system is able to provide a similar analysis and treatment for the joints beyond the spine, including shoulders, elbows, wrists, hands, hips, knees, feet, and ankles. The comfortable, computerized, consistent technology of the ProAdjuster360 provides a pre-treatment analysis, followed by specifically guided adjustments, and then offers a confirmatory post-treatment analysis that results in a quantified joint compliance change.

Here is a brief overview of the opportunities the ProAdjuster 360 can our caring technician help you find relief and recovery.


Proper motion of the joints of the lower spine is essential for living well. About 80% of adults experience lower back pain at some point in their lives, and relief often seems unattainable. The ProAdjuster 360 uses the latest technology in chiropractic to ease the burden of lower back pain.

The ProAdjuster 360 uses computerized analysis of the joints of the lower back to locate specific areas that have decreased motion, then delivers comfortable treatment to those precise joints to restore joint movement, and improve the health and function of the lower back.


Neck discomfort and stiffness can be caused by even the most minor of daily activities. Stress, improper posture, injuries and lack of muscle tone can all contribute to improper function and pain in the area of the cervical spine. Mobility of the neck is essential for living well.

The ProAdjuster 360 uses computerized technology to analyze the joints of the cervical spine. In the areas where decreased motion is detected, the ProAdjuster 360 delivers precise, computerized treatment. The improvement in the mobility of the cervical joints leads to improved function, better posture and decreased pain.


Despite receiving less attention than the lower back and neck, the thoracic spine, or “mid-back” is a very common region for decreased joint motion. The mid-back can become less mobile by many different mechanisms, including injury and improper posture, and often results in stiffness and pain.

Proper joint motion is essential in the treatment and prevention of middle back pain. The ProAdjuster 360 uses computerized technology to analyze joint mobility and then to deliver computerized, comfortable treatment to the affected areas of the middle back to improve joint health and function, as well as to reduce discomfort.


Proper shoulder health and movement is essential for accomplishing most activities of living well that involve the use of the arms. As a result of the many attachments and muscles involved in the numerous functions of this complex joint, the shoulder can be susceptible to injury and pain.

By using computerized technology, the ProAdjuster 360 analyzes the motion of the shoulder in five separate areas of the joint. The ProAdjuster 360 then delivers comfortable, controlled treatment to these areas, improving shoulder health and range of motion.


Healthy, functioning hip joints are essential for living well. Decreased movement of the hips can make everyday activities painful, and can also contribute to feeling ‘unsteady’ on the feet.

The ProAdjuster 360 can help restore mobility in dysfunctional hips with the goal of improved hip health and overall joint motion. With the precise analysis of five specific points of the hip joint, the ProAdjuster 360 uses computerized technology to deliver comfortable treatment to the hip joint from several different angles leading to more mobile and better functioning hips.


The knee joints are among the most mobile joints in the body, yet the responsibility of handling tremendous amounts of force makes them vulnerable to injury. Proper motion of the complex knee joint is essential for living well.

The ProAdjuster 360 helps to restore motion in the knees by analyzing 5 specific locations of the knee structure, and then delivering a consistent, measured adjustment to each point before reanalyzing. This approach changes the motion quality within the entire joint. Healthier knee mobility often results in decreased pain, improved range of motion and increased strength.


Full movement of the elbow joint is essential for many everyday activities of living well. Restriction in motion of the elbow joint can lead to pain and diminished quality of life; since much of the arm and hand functionality depends upon proper motion of the elbow joint.

The ProAdjuster 360 has been proven to improve elbow motion. By analyzing 5 specific points on the elbow joint, the device delivers comfortable, consistent treatment with the benefit of post-analysis to show improvement in joint compliance. Improved motion of the elbow results in the reduction of pain and improved ability to perform activities of living well.


Foot and ankle pain are common complaints that can adversely affect almost all activities of living well. Mobile joints are essential for healthy, functional feet and ankles.

The ProAdjuster 360 provides an accurate, precise analysis of 5 specific points on the foot and ankle and then uses the advanced computerized technology to deliver a comfortable, consistent treatment to each area. The benefit of the post-analysis is that it allows both patient and doctor to see the improvement in joint function. Favorable mobility of the joints of the ankle and foot reduces pain and improves the overall functional capability.


Hand and wrist pain are common complaints that can affect almost all activities of living well. Mobile, pain-free joints are essential for healthy, functional hands and wrists.

The ProAdjuster 360 provides an accurate analysis of joint motion in 5 different, specific points of the hand and wrist, then uses the computerized technology to administer controlled, comfortable treatment to each area to improve motion, reduce pain and improve function.


Headache disorders are among the most common disorders of the nervous system. It is estimated that nearly half of the adult population has experienced a headache within the past year. The ProAdjuster 360 has been proven to ease the burden of headache disorders. By using computerized technology to accurately analyze the motion of the spinal joints, the ProAdjuster 360 delivers a precise force to restore joint movement and relieve headache symptoms.


Sciatica refers to pain that radiates along the path of the sciatic nerve, which originates in the lower back and branches down each leg. Often, sciatica is caused by dysfunctional joint movement in the lower spine which may irritate the nerves.

The ProAdjuster 360 uses revolutionary computerized technology to analyze the joints of the lower spine to identify areas of motion deficit. The delivery of precise, comfortable treatment to these areas allows for improvement in joint movement and reduces the discomfort associated with sciatica.

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