Do you have shooting pain on the inside of your leg?

If so, you might have sciatic nerve issues (also known as sciatica). Sciatic nerve problems render many people in a lot of pain. They come about from a wide variety of causes and can be very difficult to alleviate on your own.

But if you have sciatic nerve pain, you’re probably wondering how you can get rid of it. That’s where chiropractors come in. Most chiropractors are trained in the art of providing sciatic nerve pain relief. 

Below, we’ll get into what sciatica is and the methods many chiropractors use to get you relief from the pain. Keep reading to learn more about why you should get a chiropractor for sciatica!

What Is Sciatica?

So, what causes sciatic nerve pain

Your sciatic nerves run all the way from your lower vertebrae to your feet. You have two of them, one in each leg. When everything is working the way it should, you won’t feel your sciatic nerves. 

However, your sciatic nerves can become pinched. Some of the most common causes of sciatic nerve compression include bone overgrowth or a herniated disc. Certain occupations, such as those that require you to carry heavy loads or sit for long periods of time may also trigger sciatica. However, evidence of this is still under examination.

If you have sciatic nerve problems, you’ll experience pain that radiates from your glutes all the way down your legs. 

Most people make a full recovery when they have sciatica. However, in a few cases, sciatica can lead to lasting damage. You should seek the help of a physician if you’re experiencing:

  • Leg weakness
  • Numbness or loss of feeling in the leg
  • Reduced bladder or bowel function

What a Chiropractor Can Do for Sciatic Nerve Pain Relief

When you go to the chiropractor for sciatic nerve pain relief, there are a few things you can expect.

First, your chiropractor will listen to your symptoms. You should tell them whether your pain came about after you did a certain activity. In addition, let them know if anything relieves your pain.

Your chiropractor will likely review aspects of your medical history, such as whether you’ve had sciatica before.

Then, to test for sciatica, the chiropractor may ask you to lay on your back and raise one leg. If you have sciatic nerve pain, this action will worsen your pain. While this may not sound pleasant, keep in mind that these brief moments of pain will help the chiropractor alleviate your issues long-term.

If you’re in severe sciatic nerve pain, your chiropractor may order some imaging services to see if you have a herniated disc or any other spinal problems. The most common forms of imaging used in diagnosing sciatica include MRIs, CT scans, and electromyography (EMG).

Adjustments for Sciatic Nerve Pain Relief

Chiropractic spinal adjustments serve as a fantastic solution to sciatica problems. 

When you go in for an adjustment, the chiropractor will manipulate your spine in several ways. Each of these manipulations is designed to gently push your body back into alignment, taking pressure off nerves and relieving tension.

If you’re suffering from sciatica, the chiropractor may target your lower back. These adjustments should stay relatively painless. If you’re having pain during the adjustment, let your chiropractor know.

Depending on the severity of your sciatica, you might need several adjustment sessions. But you don’t need to worry about paying for endless meetings with the chiropractor. Most chiropractors try to limit the number of adjustment sessions to what you need to get sciatic nerve pain relief.

You can also see if your insurance will cover your chiropractic needs. Some insurances cover many chiropractic sessions. Check with your individual insurance plan to see if your sessions will get covered.

Other Types of Treatment

Your chiropractor might use several other types of treatment to relieve your pain. Since it might take you several sessions to feel full relief, the chiropractor may suggest pain medication. 

This type of medicine will help you feel more comfortable in between sessions.

They may also give you stretches to practice before the next time you meet. If you receive these instructions, you should follow them as close as possible. You might find that they help you out a lot.

The chiropractor may also use hot and cold treatments to alleviate your pain. This involves applying heat and ice to the affected leg. The heat loosens up your muscles, reducing the compression on the nerves. The cold calms down any inflammation.

Sometimes, chiropractors will use ultrasounds or TENS units. Ultrasounds use sound waves to penetrate into the muscles and loosen them up. TENS units use electrical currents that interrupt severe pain and eliminate muscle spasms.

Your chiropractor may use only one tactic, or they may use a mixture of them. Either way, follow their instructions for the best results!

Ready to Get Relief from Your Sciatic Nerve Pain?

If you want sciatic nerve pain relief, you need to find a chiropractor you trust. 

Most chiropractors will take care of sciatic nerve pain. However, finding the right chiropractor for you comes down to locating one with the most expertise and best patient care. You can find a list of chiropractors near you using a search engine. Then, look at their reviews to make sure they do their jobs well.

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