Imagine a world where chronic pain is not a daily reality, where you can return to your normal activities and enjoy them once more. This is the world of cool laser treatment at The Spine Center, where our modern therapy can offer the pain relief you’ve been searching for.

This may sound like just another treatment like any other, but in truth, it is a revolution in the world of pain management. So, read on to learn more about how to make this dream a reality and boost your chances of escaping chronic pain today.

Understanding Cool Laser Treatment

This is a modern therapy technique that uses low-level laser light to stimulate healing and pain relief. Cold laser therapy uses lasers to reduce inflammation in the treated areas and to boost cell regeneration at the site of the pain.

This treatment method is often used for many different forms of pain, including:

  • Arthritis
  • Chronic back pain
  • Tendonitis
  • Many more…

As the sessions are brief, only a few minutes each, they can easily fit into otherwise busy schedules. This helps people engage with their therapy without impacting their life.

How Is It Different From Other Pain Management?

Leveraging cold laser therapy ensures you will not subject yourself to any form of invasive procedure. The laser works from outside the body to stimulate cellular activity in the pain site. This means it is much safer than many forms of surgery.

The laser does not cause damage to your tissue while still providing targeted pain relief. This means you do not need extra medication while receiving therapy and need not worry about drug interactions. Instead, you can continue with your normal treatments alongside it, knowing that it boosts your body’s natural healing.

What to Expect During Cold Laser Treatment

Every clinic may have different specifics and unique treatments, such as the McKenzie Method. Still, you can expect the following steps to occur when you first start on your chronic pain treatment journey.

Initial Consultation and Scheduling Session

Your first session will involve a conversation with your therapist. They will review your medical history and determine the level and frequency of sessions you may need. 

Make sure to have as much information on your symptoms as possible. If you can, try to put together a pain journal ahead of time that chronicles how your pain fluctuates over the week.

During this consultation, the therapist can explain the procedure to you in detail and also answer any questions you may have. They should be able to put you at ease regarding any concerns you might bring them, ensuring your first session is free from stress.

Your First Treatment Session: What You Need to Bring

You should ensure your first cold laser treatment session goes as smoothly as possible. Make sure to wear comfortable clothes and bring all your medical information with you in case the clinic has any further questions. You may also wish to bring a friend or family member if you are still nervous at this point. Make sure you also have a form of ID, such as a driver’s license or passport. 

Preparing the Treatment Area

The specialists will start by cleaning the treatment area and ensuring you are not wearing any jewelry. While this will not cause harm, it may interfere with the laser, and thus it is best to take every precaution.

The practitioner will then position you for treatment. This may involve laying on your back or sitting down. The therapist will inform you of what they think would be the best option to access the pain site.

You and the specialist may also need to wear protective eyewear. This is to ensure the laser does not cause harm to your retina if it reflects off of anything and strikes your eye.

The Treatment Process

After preparations, the practitioner will then apply the cold laser device to the area in question. They may keep it in one location or move it around as needed, targeting different areas of pain.

As you respond to the treatment, the clinicians will ensure to keep track of changes and adjust their process to match. This may include moving the region they treat or adjusting the laser.

While there should be no pain, you may experience a mild warming sensation or tingling in the area. This is normal, though you may want to inform the practitioner so they understand your body’s state.

Handling Aftercare

You can usually return to normal activities straight away after the treatment session. If you are working, you may wish to discuss taking a short period to relax before you return to a stressful situation. You should be careful not to engage in any strenuous physical activity for a short period after the session, though, to allow your body to heal.

You should ensure you have enough hydration both before and after the treatment. This will give your body the greatest chance to heal as your body responds to the therapy.

Over time, you should continue to keep an eye on your symptoms. If you experience a flare-up or other specific issues, make sure to get back in contact with the clinic. The staff can then help you understand what you should do next.

Choosing the Right Treatment Center: The Spine Center

Now that you are ready to investigate a cool laser treatment center, you need to ensure you pick the right one. After all, you’re not only treating pain, but you want to be able to ask questions and know you are getting the right answers. This is where The Spine Center can help.

Our staff have training in advanced therapy options, like the McKenzie Method, and equipment like the ProAdjuster 360. These can ensure you get the highest-quality treatment possible. So, what are you waiting for? Schedule an appointment to begin your journey back to a better life today.

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