Whether you are experiencing back pain, struggling with neck stiffness, or just feeling stressed, a chiropractic visit will help ease your symptoms. Your chiropractic visit is going to help you start down the road to healing and better health.  When you are preparing for your first chiropractic visit, there are a few things that can help make the process smooth and easy.

Arrive Early & Be Ready For Some Initial Paperwork

For your first appointment, it’s even more necessary to arrive early. The first appointment at your Las Vegas chiropractor is going to include getting to know you and your medical history. It is going to be hard to treat you without understanding more about what brought you to us in the first place. If possible, fill out any forms ahead of time to save you some writing time.

Make sure you have considered and can provide the doctor with knowledge about your physical condition. Have your insurance card and I.D.’s easily accessible when you arrive. Also, bring any documents that contain your personal medical history, especially if your appointment is to treat an injury. If applicable, bring a list of prescriptions that you take regularly. This information provides insight into the sources of your problems and how to fix them.

Wear Comfortable Clothing if Possible

Choosing loose-fitting clothing is best for your appointment. You will want to wear something comfortable that allows the doctor to give you a physical assessment and adjustment. You may be asked to remove your shoes, so wear shoes that are easy to slip on and off with socks for your comfort. Layer your clothing if necessary so that you can wear a thinner material (like a t-shirt) during your appointment. Your doctor will need to be able to feel your spine and muscles to discover tension and subluxations. Let your chiropractor know if you have any medical appliances or prosthetics that you wear so that they can work around these items.

Be Prepared for first Chiropractic Adjustment

For your first appointment, you’ll, in most cases, receive your first adjustment that day! Don’t let misinformation or stories you might have heard frighten you. Adjustments do not hurt, and afterward, they feel so good, you might wonder why you waited so long. If you hear any popping or cracking noises, don’t be concerned. Nothing is breaking or actually cracking into pieces. This is trapped air being released from between the joints or discs, similar to the noises you hear when opening a soda.

Don’t Forget To Ask!

Chances are that your chiropractor will make a treatment plan for you. Be certain that you understand and ask any questions before you leave. You should also make your next appointment before you go and make a note of it in your phone, so you won’t forget!

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