You feel it from the instant you wake up in the morning, the creaky knees, aching back, and limited mobility associated with many forms of chronic pain feel so isolating. The truth is, you aren’t alone-more than 50 million adults in the US struggle with chronic pain every day. 

One of the most empowering things a person struggling with chronic pain can do is take proactive steps to improve their pain levels. Medical massage therapy is a powerful pain management tool that people across the world wield to take back control of their lives. Are you curious how a massage therapist could help you?

Read on to learn about some of the major benefits of medical massage therapy!

Medical Massage Therapy vs. Traditional Massage

When you think of massage therapy, the first thing that comes to mind is probably the kind you find at a relaxing spa. Traditional massage is fantastic, but it is not nearly as functional and therapeutic as medical massage therapy.

Medical massage therapy is designed to treat chronic pain and muscle tension. This requires more pressure to reach different muscle groups and regular visits as a part of your care plan. For this reason, it’s important to visit a massage therapist who works with a chiropractor to ensure that you’re getting the full benefit of massage therapy.

Improved Blood Flow

Effective blood flow throughout the body is critical. The red blood cells in your blood carry oxygen throughout your body to all of your organs and muscles. When blood flow is effective, your body heals faster, but when it’s impaired, your body heals much slower.

If the source of your chronic pain is due to an injury, then you absolutely need good blood flow to heal. Your massage therapist utilizes different techniques to massage your muscles and pressure points in order to stimulate blood flow to those areas. It also helps your body carry away waste products built up in your body that contribute to your pain.

Your massage therapist may recommend that you drink plenty of water immediately following your massage to aid in this process. 

Muscle Relaxation

Chronic pain has a huge impact on how you live your life. Your first instinct may be to reduce your activity levels to avoid exacerbating your injuries. Unfortunately, in many cases, this tends to make chronic pain worse. Becoming more sedentary leads to a reduced range of motion and increased muscle tension.

If you want to start healing but tight muscles are holding you back, then medical massage therapy is a great place to start. Your massage therapist knows all of the right pressure points to hit to get your muscles to relax and nix muscle spasms. Over time, you’ll be able to incorporate gentle stretching and increased physical activity into your pain relief routine.

Better Sleep

Nearly two-thirds of people dealing with chronic pain also have sleep disorders. That’s because pain does a great job of keeping you up at night and interrupting your sleep. Unfortunately, losing out on those precious hours of sleep also contributes to increased pain symptoms.

Thankfully, massage therapy is associated with improved sleep quality. Not only does it help relieve your pain symptoms, but it also prompts your body to release serotonin. Serotonin is then converted into melatonin, a powerful sleep hormone.

With regular massage, and some solid hours of sleep under your belt, you’ll be ready to conquer your back pain once and for all.

Ease Inflammation

Inflammation in the body is strongly associated with chronic pain. Nearly every source of pain is caused by some form of inflammation. Unfortunately, over-the-counter NSAID pain relievers have negative side effects that make long-term use an unhealthy solution for chronic pain sufferers.

Massage therapy helps lower inflammation in your body by prompting your body to reduce the production of inflammatory cytokines. This is similar to how NSAID medication works. Even short massage therapy sessions are effective at reducing inflammation in your body. 

Stress Relief

Stress is yet another contributing factor to chronic pain. On the other hand, chronic pain leads to increased stress levels because they can no longer live their lives or function as well as they used to. This feels like a vicious cycle for sufferers of neck or back pain.

Massage therapy takes your body out of stress mode by inducing a parasympathetic state. It is also associated with reduced levels of the stress hormone cortisol.

Finally, it stimulates the release of endorphins like oxytocin and dopamine. These hormones relieve stress and improve mood, and they serve as your body’s natural painkillers.

Use as a Complementary Therapy

People who suffer from chronic pain often require many different therapies to see substantial relief from their symptoms. Many people use massage therapy in addition to things like chiropractic care, spinal decompression, and physiotherapy. This is a departure from many treatment methods that utilize a single course of treatment to manage pain, such as surgical intervention or prescription pain relievers. 

Customizable to Your Needs

Traditional massage tends to take a one-size-fits-all approach to massage. As someone who deals with chronic pain, you know that you need specialized care to treat the source of your pain. Your medical massage therapist will work with you to deliver a massage that targets the right muscle groups and pressure points to help put an end to your pain. 

Add Medical Massage Therapy to Your Pain Management Routine Today!

Medical massage therapy is one of the best things you can do to get your chronic pain under control. Not only is it fully customizable to meet your changing needs as you continue your treatment, but it is also a great complementary therapy option for people utilizing other treatment methods. Visit a medical massage therapist today to step up your pain management routine!

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